Scientific Software Registry Collaboration Workshop

A Sloan Foundation-funded workshop for editors & maintainers of academic discipline & institutional software registries & repositories

Workshop products and results

Two major goals of the workshop were to complete the development of best practices for discipline-specific software registries and repositories started in earlier virtual task force meetings and to improve adoption of emerging software metadata file standards, with a focus on CodeMeta and the Citation File Format files, across our varied disciplines. Products of the workshop that support these goals are listed below.

Best Practices

    arXiv paper: Nine Best Practices for Research Software Registries and Repositories: A Concise Guide

    List of Best Practices, examples, and author list

    List of Best Practices on the FORCE11 Software Citation Implementation Working Group site: Best Practices for Software Registries Task Force

Other products

    Software tools to create codemeta.json files from software registry entries

    Workshop website homepage

    Workshop report (draft, PDF)

    Examples of registry entries rendered in CodeMeta and/or CFF files


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