Scientific Software Registry Collaboration Workshop

A Sloan Foundation-funded workshop for editors & maintainers of academic discipline & institutional software registries & repositories


Wednesday, November 13

Day 1 slides (PDF)
    8:30 Arrival and coffee/tea
    9:00 Introductions
    9:30 Presentations (available via Webex:
        - Hervé Ménager, ELIXIR
        - Ted Carnevale, ModelDB
        - Anita E Bandrowski, SciCrunch Inc
        - Jurriaan Spaaks, Research Software Directory
   10:20 Coffee/tea break
   10:35 Best Practices for Research Software Registries break-out groups
        - Repository Scope statement and Retention Policy
        - Metadata Schema and Conditions of Use Policy
        - End-of-life Policy
        - Privacy Policy
        - Ethics/Authorship Policy
   11:45 Report from break-out groups and status of Best Practices (available via Webex:
   12:15 Lunch break
    1:30 Presentations (available via Webex:
        - Lorraine Hwang, Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics
        - Daniel Garijo, OntoSoft
        - Caifan Du, CiteAs
        - Allen Lee, CoMSES Net
        - Alex Ioannidis, Zenodo
    2:20 Coffee/tea break
    2:40 Group discussion
        - Shared challenges
            What are they?
            How might we work together to mitigate these?
        - Individual solutions to share
            What technique/process/habit/requirement has been successful for your resource?
            What solutions already exist that we might leverage?
    3:45 State of software citation amongst assembled resources
    4:15 Overview of CodeMeta and Citation File Format (available via Webex:
        - 4:15-4:25 Stephan Druskat, Citation File Format
        - 4:25-4:35 Bryce Mecum, CodeMeta
        - 4:35-5:15 Activities: Crosswalking our resources and Metadata Bingo
                            Discussion: Creating software citation files for software authors’ use
    5:15 Temperature taking (how’s the workshop going?), recap, and overview of day 2 agenda
    5:30 End session
    7:00 Workshop dinner

Thursday, November 14

Day 2 slides (PDF)
    8:30 Arrival and coffee/tea
    9:00 Presentations (available via Webex:
        - Carly Robinson, DOE CODE: Software Services Platform and Search Tool
        - Tom Morrell, CaltechDATA
        - Alice Allen, Astrophysics Source Code Library
    9:30 Discussion and Break-out groups
                - Developing CodeMeta files for software author use
                - Software value metadata statement
                - Virtual code registry
                - Improving ASCL’s generated CITATION.cff and codemeta.json files
    10:30 Coffee/tea break
    10:45 Temperature taking (how’s the workshop going? Do we need to revisit or spend more time on something?)
    11:00 Continuation of break-out groups
    12:15 Lunch break
    1:15 Report back from morning’s break-out groups
    2:20 Activity: Links to download data from various registries
    2:30 Workshop photo and coffee/tea break
    2:45 Break-out groups
                - Improving CodeMeta documentation
                - CFF/CodeMeta/Zenodo matchup: A workflow
                - Registry guidance for users: Possible examples for User Guidance best practice
                - Best practices documentation clean-up
    4:30 Report from break-out groups
    5:00 Recap and next steps
    5:20 Workshop improvement
    5:30 End session

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