Scientific Software Registry Collaboration Workshop

A Sloan Foundation-funded workshop for editors & maintainers of academic discipline & institutional software registries & repositories


   Alain Monteil, INRIA: HAL/Software Heritage
   Alexandros Ioannidis, CERN: Zenodo
   Alice Allen, University of Maryland: Astrophysics Source Code Library
   Allen Lee, Arizona State University: CoMSES Net
   Anita E Bandrowski, UCSD: SciCrunch Inc
   Bryce Mecum, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, UC Santa Barbara: CodeMeta
   Caifan Du, University of Texas at Austin: CiteAs
   Carly Robinson, Department of Energy: Office of Scientific and Technical Information
   Daniel Garijo, University of Southern California: OntoSoft
   Daniel Katz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: FORCE11 Software Citation Implementation Working Group
   Genevieve Milliken, New York University: IASGE
   Hervé Ménager, Institut Pasteur: ELIXIR
   Jurriaan Spaaks, Netherlands eScience Center: Research Software Directory
   Katrina Fenlon, University of Maryland: iSchool
   Lorraine Hwang, UC Davis: Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics
   Michael Hucka, Caltech Library: Systems Biology Markup Language
   P. Wesley Ryan: Astrophysics Source Code Library
   Peter Teuben, University of Maryland: Astrophysics Source Code Library
   Shelley Stall, American Geophysical Union: AGU Data Services
   Stephan Druskat, German Aerospace Center (DLR)/University Jena/Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: Citation File Format
   Ted Carnevale, Neuroscience Department, Yale: ModelDB
   Thomas Morrell, Caltech Library: CaltechDATA

(as of 11/07/2019)