Scientific Software Registry Collaboration Workshop

A Sloan Foundation-funded workshop for editors & maintainers of academic discipline & institutional software registries & repositories

The following presentations are accessible via Webex:

As the workshop has an element of unconferencing, it’s possible that additional portions of the workshop will be suitable for Webex and if so, we will update this page and the agenda accordingly.

Wednesday, November 13

    9:30 Presentations
        - Hervé Ménager, ELIXIR
        - Ted Carnevale, ModelDB
        - Anita E Bandrowski, SciCrunch Inc
        - Alex Ioannidis, Zenodo
        - Jurriaan Spaaks, Research Software Directory

   11:45 Report from break-out groups and status of Best Practices

    1:30 Presentations
        - Lorraine Hwang, Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics
        - Daniel Garijo, OntoSoft
        - Caifan Du, CiteAs
        - Allen Lee, CoMSES Net
        - Alice Allen, Astrophysics Source Code Library

    4:15 Overview of CodeMeta and Citation File Format
        - 4:15-4:25 Stephan Druskat, Citation File Format
        - 4:25-4:35 Bryce Mecum, CodeMeta

Thursday, November 14

    9:00 Presentations
        - Carly Robinson, DOE CODE: Software Services Platform and Search Tool
        - Tom Morrell, CaltechDATA

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